Congratulations to our sister company NSR Alloy Solutions on the launch of “Garfield.”

The 14m power catamaran was built by NSR Alloy Solutions to a hull design developed by Malcolm Tennant/Alan Walker some years ago, specifically to allow canoe stern-type vessels to be computer cut and constructed in aluminium. Alan Walker (Coastdesign) is now the in-house designer at NSR Alloy solutions.

“She’s quite unique,” says Terry Forsbrey, managing director at NSR. “The underwater profile is like a
Canadian canoe – double-ended with fine ends, but she has a chine carried aft to create a large flat section at the stern. This creates buoyancy in her ends to stop her pitching or hobby-horsing in a seaway.

“We’re seeing the end of the big, flat-bottomed boats that rely on heaps of power to get anywhere, burn fuel like crazy and dig big holes in the ocean,” he adds. “We’re getting smart and going back to beautiful slippery shapes like the old Logan launches.”

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